Monday, 19 August 2013

CDs for Sale!


Dear all,

I have been getting so many requests regarding the CDs of Smt. Manda Sudharani.

I have decided to put some of them for sale.

Pls contact for purchase -

The CDs readily available as of now are:

1. Prahlaada Bhakti Vijayam - Tyagaraja's musical opera containing 40 parts, tuned, sung and conducted by Smt. Sudharani. 

2. Saampradaaya Sangeetha Sudha - Volume 1. - A concert CD.

3. Sundara Kanda - Entire text from Vaalmiki Ramayana is tuned and rendered along with Pantula Rama.

4. Apuroopa Raaga Ranjani - Introduction on rare raagas like Chaayaa Tarangini, Chenchu Kambhoji, Paadi, Souveeram, etc. Also, an elaborate manodharmam is presented.

5. Krithis of Sri Dwaram Venkata Krishnayya Nayudu - by Sudharani.

Their prices vary because each one of them is independent, unique and distinct from the other.

Pls email to the above address for payment details and regarding the receipt of CDs.


Yours musically,
Sruthi Ravali

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