Born in 1964 to Sri A V Ramana Murty and Smt. Kalyani, both of them who were Carnatic music rasikas and enthusiasts. She was brought up in the city where art flourished, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh.


B.Sc. from M R College, VIZIANAGARAM in 1983. Diploma in Music from Andhra University with Distinction & 1st position in 1984. M.A.(Music) from Andhra University with 1st position in 1993.

Sri K Rangacharyulu and Smt. Seshumani imparted the early lessons to SudhaRani. However, her performing abilities and pervading music values have been crystallised by Sri IVATURI VIJAYESWARA RAO,

Sri Ivaturi Vijayeswara Rao

Sudharani's Contribution:

a) Significant Work in the field of ‘Pallavi Singing’.

Sudha Rani is the person to popularize pallavis of all varieties since 1980s and
brought gravity to the format of the concert in these areas.

She rendered the archaic music feat of ‘Shat Kaala Pallavi’ Pallavi in 6 speeds.      
Gave the The 1st Public Performance of the same in 
Maharajah’s Government Music College, 
Vizianagaram in 1987. 

It was also performed in reputed Sabhas like
Sri Krishna Gana Sabha (Chennai), Karnataka Gana Kala Parishat (Bangalore),
Visakha Music Academy (Visakhapatnam) 
and won the accolade & appreciation of Vidwans. 

‘Shat Kaala Pallavi’ is archived by All India Radio, Vijayawada.

She is well known for her unique pallavis full of laya soukhyam and aesthetic appeal. Some of them are :

    1. Triraaga Pallavi- Kedaragoula-Kedara-Goula.
    2. Bhairavi Malika-(Nata-Ananda-Saalaga-Sindhu Bhairavis).
    3. Maa Mayuranaadha – Dwinada (Trisra and Chaturasra) in Bilahari
    4. Khanda Chaturasram –  Showing Taala in Khanda Nada & singing a Varnam in
          2 speeds in Chaturasra Nada –
          a feat in Laya to adjust 4 & 8 swaras per 5 Taala syllables.

     5. Panchanada Pallavi in a special format in which 4,3,5,7,9 swaras are sung                                                                                                 
                                         in that order per each beat containing 4 Taala syllables.

    6. Sankeerna Gati Pallavi in Sankaraabharanam and Kalyani.

b) Taala Avadhaanaas :  Presenting two different Taalas with both hands simultaneously, she sang 
a Pallavi for Sangita Kala Samithi, Visakhapatnam in 1995.

c) Workshops, Seminars, Lecture Demonstrations etc.,
     WORKSHOP on ‘Tyaagaraaja’s Utsava Sampradaaya’ & ‘Divya Naama Keertanaas in 
     Andhra University, Visakhapatnam on 30.03.2009.

SEMINAR on ‘SHAT KAALA PALLAVI’ in Telugu University, Hyderabad.
     LECTURE DEMONSTRATIONS on the ‘Uniqueness of the Compositions of
                                 Syama Sastry & Muttu Swami Dikshitaar’ under the aegis of   
                                 Sri Tyaaga Raaja Aaraadhana Trust, Visakhapatnam.
     Presented a PAPER on ‘Syaama Sastry’s SWARAJATIS’ in a          
                                  National Conference on Music, in Andhra University in 2000.

d) Articles -  Sudha Rani wrote an exhaustive treatise on ‘Kalpita Sangeetam as the basis of Manodharma Sangeetam’. She submitted it to the Ministry of HRD & Dept. of Culture, Government Of India and was awarded a fellowship for the same.

e) Significant Work in All INDIA RADIO - She Conducted ‘Sangeeta Sikshana’ a number of times. Also composed and conducted ‘Bhakti Ranjani’ (2009). She was invited as Judge for Local Audition as well as Local Competitions conducted by AIR Studios, Visakhapatnam.

g) Concert Format - Her concert is a combination of popular major Raagas & rare Raagas, Raagas with lot of bhaava-oriented gamakas & Raagas with flat notes with utmost sharpness. Her Swara Kalpana in Vakra Raagas like Malavi, adanakutuhalam, Chenchukambhoji brought her reputation and respect.

Many senior vidwans acknowledged that Sudha Rani’s music inspired contemporary musicians.

Won Radio Music Competitions in 1980 and became a Casual Artist for AIR, soared to ‘TOP RANK’ in 2009.
Sings regularly from All India Radio, Visakhapatnam.
Performed in Radio Sangeet Sammelan programmes number of times.
- Performed in AIR National Programme in 1999, 2006 & in 2008 (Trinity Music Festival).
Performed on 20.01.1990 in the Festival of Music & Dance organised by ICCR & Sangeeta Natak Academy, New Delhi 
Gave performances for the Sabhas in Andhra, Madras, Bangalore, Kerala, Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi and  MP, time and again.
- Received Junior Fellowship from Dept. of Culture & Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.
- Performed under the aegis of ‘SPIC MACAY’ many times.


`Gana Kalaa Bhaarathi’ by Sri Bhaaarathi Gaaana Sabha of Amaaapuram (2000)
‘Vijaya Sangeeta Ratna’  by The Vijayanagar Fine Arts, HYD (2006)
Sunaada Sudha Nidhi’ by Gayaka Sarvabhouma Sangeetha Parishat, VIZIAWADA (2008)
‘Sangeetha Sudhaa Nidhi’ by Vijaya Tyagaraja Sabha ,Visakhapatnam (2009).


1986 - GOLD MEDAL By Vijaya Tyaagaraaja Sangeeta Sabha of Visakhapatnam

1987 - By Sruthi Foundation of New Delhi.

1994 - By Visakha Music Academy of Visakhapatnam.

2003 - By Vedic Seva Trust of Visakhapatnam.

2010 – By Vijaya Tyaagaraaja Sangeeta Sabha of Visakhapatnam.

2010 – By Visakha Music and Dance Academy of Visakhapatnam.

2010 – By Gayatri Mahila Sangeeta Sanmandali of Guntur.


- Cultural Talent Search Scheme Award by the Govt. of India. (1977 – 1983)
Scholarship for Young workers in various Cultural fields by Govt. of India. (1984-87)
Award for Pallavi-Singing from Madras Music Academy (1982)
- Award for Pallavi-Singing from Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai (1985)
- Best Concert Award of Madras Music Academy (1987 & 1992)
- Voleti Venkateswarlu Memorial Award by Visakha Music Academy (1992)

Concerts Abroad

Cleveland : During Tyagaraja Aaradhanotsavam conducted by ‘Bhairavi Fine Arts (2006), Her concert there was well appreciated by maestros & noted musicians like Sri Umayaalpuram Sivaraaman, Vellore Ramabhadran, Aruna Sairam, Ravikiran, etc.

She also performed at California, at South Indian Fine Arts (SIFA) & Silicon Andhra, at Chicago Sri Annamaachaarya Project of North America (SAPNA)                                                  

Her extempore rendition of Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Karaavalambana Stotram in Raaga Maalika was well received. She performed at other places like Detroit, Raleigh, Kansas City, Columbus, Seattle and so on.


Sudha Rani has a clear vision of Carnatic Music, the challenges being faced by it and the measures to be taken to revive its past glory. With her long experience in the field of music for four decades, she conceived an altogether new idea and along with her husband Dr. Rama Prasad, floated HAMSA Academy (HAMSA Academy of Music, Scriptures and Arts) in 2015. Her husband Dr. Rama Prasad is a doctor by profession and an ardent connoisseur by passion. Together, they conceived the ideology of HAMSA Academy targetting youngsters from the age of 4 or 5 years. These children, in addition to learning music, are taught slokas from Sanskrit, some pieces of Telugu literature, patriotic lessons etc. These classes titled JIGJNAASA are organized every Sunday. There is tremendous response to these classes. The specialty of these classes is that the parents also attend along with the children. 

In addition, HAMSA Academy gives opportunity to budding artists to perform on dias.

Sudha Rani has another landmark event to her credit, i.e., Celebration of Tyagaraja Jayanti on the 4th of May every year. Under her direction, the Jayanti of the Saint of Music was started in 2017. Sudha Rani personally talks to all the artists belonging to three districts (Srikakulam, Vizianagaram & Visakhapatam) and requests them to come and participate in the event. 500 – 700 people attend the function every year. The artists are given appropriate opportunity to perform. All are served ‘Prasadam’ as food.

Every year, about 8 – 10 keertanas of Tyagaraja are selected and they are sent to all the artists of the three districts well in advance. They rehearse and come to perform. When the artists sit on the dias and perform, the text of the keertana is displayed on a giant LED screen. Everybody in the audience sings, looking at the text on the screen.

This year, Sudha Rani involved 6 schools / institutes of Visakhapatnam to participate in the event. Students of each school are given 30 minutes to perform. Thus, Sudha Rani has been constantly and consistently endeavoring to promote classical music and take it into young generation. 


Prahlaada Bhakti Vijayam (MP3) - Tyagaraja’s musical opera fully tuned, sung& conducted by her.

Srimat Sundara Kaanda (MP3) – Entire text from Vaalmiki Raamaayana is tuned & rendered along with Pantula Rama

Sampradaaya Sangeeta Sudha – A concert series rendered by her

Sri Rama Tarangaas – Verses by Late Sri Kandala Venkata Kavi on Lord Rama are tuned & sung by her.

& Kritis of Sri Dwaram Venkata Krishnayya Naidu

Sudharani receiving Award from "Sangeeta Kala Nidhi" Sri Nedunuri Krishnamurthy


N.SRINIVASAN of "Sruthi magazine" - "Her performance was remarkable for Classicism, Musical acumen, Voice-felicity, Immaculate diction, Sense of proportion and Confidence".....

SUBBUDU, New Delhi - "Her voice is golden and melody-soaked and her classicism is beyond question. She traversed the octaves, three of them, with confidence and competence - Has a feeling for lyrics".....

The Times Of India - Unblemished intonation - "She has one of those voices which are not squeaky falsettos. It is a strong, full-bodied and uses a sharp nasal resonance to telling effect. In Carnatic music, it is not often that you hear an untroubled Mandra Panchamam that is not artificially contrived. 
But, Sudha Rani slides down to the note with a bell-like beauty and roundness".....

Mahati, Hyderabad - "Has a unique quality of resting and dealing effectively at lower octaves, unlike most of the female singers who jump to Taara Sthayi too soon. The concert of Sudha Rani erased beyond doubt the fear and premonition that excellence, vitality and competence in Carnatic Music is gone with the masters of the bygone years. It has also proved that the dedication the past masters had is revived with added vigour".



  1. Dear Sudha Rani and Ramprasad garu,

    We are trying to reach you since long tome. Due to the change of your land line and cell phone numbers, we have lost communications with you. We were in India during the last year Cleveland festival. Please let us know of you are visiting US again this year in 2016. We heard that the little girl (when she visited our house in 2006) Chy Sow. Sruti Ravali has won national recognition in the past 2 years. Please let us know your new phone numbers and your US schedule if you are visiting USA this year.

    Narasimham Dasika and Bharati Dasika
    Ann Arbor, USA
    001 734 975 2354

  2. Dear Sudha Rani and Ramprasad garu,

    We are trying to reach you since long tome. Due to the change of your land line and cell phone numbers, we have lost communications with you. We were in India during the last year Cleveland festival. Please let us know of you are visiting US again this year in 2016. We heard that the little girl (when she visited our house in 2006) Chy Sow. Sruti Ravali has won national recognition in the past 2 years. Please let us know your new phone numbers and your US schedule if you are visiting USA this year.

    Narasimham Dasika and Bharati Dasika
    Ann Arbor, USA
    001 734 975 2354

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